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About AAHA!

Who is AAHA?

Members of the AAHA task force represent eight different counties in East Tennessee and twelve different organizations, most of which are African American.  While African Americans have struggled for centuries to overcome economic oppression and social injustice in East Tennessee they have also been able to build a strong network of communities through education, mutual support, social and cultural outlets, and business proprietorship.  They, too, have prospered in their faith and actions and have made East Tennessee their home. Their presence in the historical record, however, has often been slighted.  One of the unfortunate results of this “historical invisibility” is that many people in East Tennessee have little or no appreciation for the role which African Americans have played in developing our region.   AAHA believes that preserving, restoring, and celebrating knowledge of the history of the African American community in East Tennessee and the cultural and economic contributions its members have made will “change the narrative” and thereby help foster more positive, just and equitable interactions between the diverse groups of people for whom East Tennessee is home.

AAHA is a task force of CEDnet, the Community Economic Development Network of East Tennessee.

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