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AAHA is working with several groups to document and maintain African American cemeteries in East Tennessee. Cemeteries are amazing historical resources because they provide a large amount of information about individuals. This information is quantitative, but these cemeteries can provide an immeasurable value to families who discover their ancestors final resting place. For African Americans in East Tennessee this is extremely difficult because these cemeteries have been allowed to fall into disrepair or have been completely lost. AAHA and several other groups have begun the process of compiling lists of African American cemeteries and have even begun to restore some of them. USA Today recently published this article about the plight of black cemeteries. A PDF file of the article can be found here. The map and list below includes the cemeteries that we have discovered, but we have not been able to physically locate many of them, so if you have any information about the locations of these or any other African American cemeteries please contact us!

Hamilton County







Lookout Mountain

Missionary Baptist


Pleasant Garden

Pleasant Hill


Rollins Family


Woodburn (Georgia Cemetery)

Greene County

New Hope Colored Graveyard

Midway Negro Graveyard

Pruitt Hill Cemetery

Wesley Cemetery

Roane County

Wheat Community African American Burial Ground

Loudon County

Martel Memorial Cemetery

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